Diabesity - novel molecular targets for obesity and type 2 diabetes
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Dr Roland Wehr Dr Karsten Eulenberg
DeveloGen AG
Rudolph-Wissell-Str. 28
Phone: +49 551 50558640
Dr Karsten Eulenberg
Workpackage 1 leader


DeveloGen AG is a biology driven drug discovery company.  We are active in the research and development of innovative treatments for type 1 diabetes as well as for type 2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.  DeveloGen has a deep clinical and preclinical pipeline of projects focused on metabolic diseases.

Type 2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome are multifactorial diseases, which call for innovative approaches for the identification of novel drug targets. DeveloGen carries out 'phenotype-firs' screens for disease specific targets.  Model organisms with metabolic phenotypes are generated via large scale genomewide mutagenesis.  To date, the phenotype-first genomic screen has yielded over 200 primary candidates and more than 30 validated targets.

Drug Discovery
In 2003, DeveloGen entered into a drug discovery partnership with Evotec OAI in the metabolic disease program.  The partnership creates an integrated venture combining the best of biology and chemistry.

DeveloGen contributes:

  • pipeline of targets
  • assay development
  • know-how in pharmacology and metabolic diseases

Evotec OAI contributes:

  • screening
  • medicinal chemistry
  • drug manufacture

Four drug discovery projects are currently ongoing with a team of over 50 scientists from both companies.  The goal of the partnership is to discover potent and promising product candidates for the treatment of metabolic disease.


Diabesity: Novel molecular targets for obesity and type 2 diabetes
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