Diabesity - novel molecular targets for obesity and type 2 diabetes
Our Approach  
Project Outline  

Research Programme Management

The DIABESITY project is coordinated from The University of Gothenburg by Professor Suzanne Dickson. 
All major research and budgetary decisions are made by the Project Steering Group (PSG) that consists of:

Gareth Leng (Deputy Coordinator)
Sven Enerbäck
John-Olov Jansson
Steve O'Rahilly
Matthias Tschöp
John Nolan

A number of PSG members have additional roles within the consortium:
Finance Officer: Sven Enerbäck
Dissemination Officer: Gareth Leng
Intellectual Property and Patent Officer: John-Olov Jansson
SME Officer: Matthias Tschöp

Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology
University of Gothenburg
Box 434
SE 405 30 Gothenburg


Diabesity: Novel molecular targets for obesity and type 2 diabetes
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