Diabesity - novel molecular targets for obesity and type 2 diabetes
Our Approach  
Project Outline  

Our approach

Research Phases
The DIABESITY research programme has three distinct phases:

  • target identification
  • target validation
  • target characterisation


1. Target Identification

To identify genes and processes linked to the pathogenesis of diabesity and obesity and discover novel molecular drug targets.

Expected results
Identification of novel genes implicated in diabesity.
Validation of selected genes involved in diabesity.

diabesity research - target identification

2. Target Characterisation

To characterise potential drug targets using molecular physiological studies and integrative human biology.

Expected results
Clinical physiological studies of potential targets and their effects on metabolism, body weight and composition.

diabesity research - target characterisation

3. Target Validation

To validate targets using molecular genetic approaches in conjunction with phenotypic analyses.

Expected results
Identification of 4 -5 novel validated molecular drug targets.

diabesity research - target validation


Diabesity: Novel molecular targets for obesity and type 2 diabetes
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